We hope you enjoy viewing some of our efforts as depicted on each of  the pages above.








The field had not been cultivated for many years.  We used a tiller to cut a perimeter border around the field. 


Later, it was plowed with a single-bottom plow.


We left it that way until the next spring (2014)

Grand Forks enjoys warm summer days.



Welcome to our Home Page -- This in the new format for helprite.com

This website illustrates our efforts at being a hobby farmer by first experimenting with what variety of crops can be grown.  It is sort of running history -- you'll see the progression from small tillers to riding tractors.  As we get older, we need to become more mechanized!!.

In our first year, 2012, we concentrated our efforts at getting the south 3 acres fenced so that we could let the neighbours run cattle for a couple of seasons. 


We also tilled and planted a large vegetable garden which proved very productive. 


It is wonderful to be able to grow and eat our own melons -- cantelope and  watermelon.  As it turned out, there were too many vegetables for us so we  ended up giving away quite a bit of our crop by using a very improvised sign at the front road.



In future years we may give away or operate a road-side stand but during 2013, it was just fun letting passers-by help themselves to our daily supply -- corn, melons, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, etc.

2013 -- here we are with cattle in the south field and a vegetable garden of approximately 7000 sq/ ft plus an area to the east which had been used by the former owner for chicken runs.  The latter is used for corn, peas, and other extra crops.



2014 saw many changes with the establishment of a small orchard and seeding of the south field which had been pasture land for more than a decade.  It was plowed in the early Fall of 2013 and then cropped during 2014. -- see the pages to follow.