Haskap Berries on Victoria Road

(cash crop for farmer's market, u-pick and wholesale)


Top picture is looking south approximately 500 feet.

Next photo illustrates the view looking north to the farm house and outbuildings. 

The berries in the left container are a mixture of Polar Jewel and Berry Smart Blue.  The container on the right is a larger berry known as Borealis.











Grand Forks enjoys warm summer days.



Haskaps aka Honeyberries in Grand Forks, BC 

This 5 acre agricultural plot is located on the western side of Grand Forks along with numerous other acreages supporting hay, fruits, vineyards, and orchards of mixed crops.  The property with established orchards could provide a wonderful income supplement for a couple looking to buy into a rural lifestyle close to town. 

The 600 plants illustrated above were all planted by July 21, 2016.  Even though it was late in the season, new growth occurred before the fall/dormant season.  Approximately 2 acres of interior dryland pasture seeded hay fields are on the east and west side of the haskap orchard.

Polar Jewel/Berry Smart Blue                                                                                        Borealis
The elderly owners love this wonderful acreage but the farm could be available for sale.  They can be contacted at 250-442-4068.  Please leave a message. last updated during March 2021    See also the last page for details.